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Server Configuration

The server can be configured in three ways.

  1. Edit game folder\server\config\server.ini. This file must be configured before starting the local server. Once started, the file's contents have no impact on any running server instance.
  2. Use the provided control console to manipulate a running server.
  3. Start a server in interactive configuration mode. Any server started directly from the client GUI will be started that way. Alternatively you may provide the -c parameter to the server executable at startup.

Planet Types

The server configuration loads planets as predefined templates. While their actual layout is mostly defined by fractal noise, the underlying rules are defined in separate configuration files located in game folder\server\config\planets\[planet name].ini.

These configuration files may be edited or created anew. Check out Template.ini for a documented example of a new planet. Once defined use the server.ini configuration file or control console to load it by name. To restore a predefined planet to its default configuration simply delete the file and let the server restore it during its next start.

Research Script

Laboratory research is controlled by a Lua script located in game folder\server\config\lua\research.lua. The script is loaded once during server startup, but can be updated during runtime via the control console command /IO/reloadResearchProgram. Clients will receive a copy of this script during first connection (or as a result to explicit reloading).

The script defines which research is possible, and how this affects unit availability and attributes. It also allows the basic modification of all unit attributes.