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Global Hot Keys

  • Escape opens the menu, or aborts any currently visible dialog.
  • F3 creates a screenshot in game folder\client\screenshots\. Shift+F3 causes the capture to retain its background transparency.
  • Alt+Enter toggles (fake) fullscreen mode.
  • Tab shows all participating players, including whether they requested a new round.
  • T opens an input dialog to send a message to all other players. Only connected players will receive this message.
  • H hides/restores all control buttons and the contact and event lists.

Camera Control

  • The ASDW keys can be used to rotate the camera around the currently focused point.
  • The Mouse Wheel, or alternatively the Up and Down Arrow Keys zoom the camera in and out.
  • Press and hold the Right or Middle Mouse Buttons to pan the camera around the planet.

Unit Control

Units are selected by clicking on them. Clicking anywhere else will deselect any selected unit. With a unit selected, the right mouse button may be used to direct it. When clicking on empty terrain, a selected mobile unit will attempt to reach that destination during its next motion phase. If the clicked destination is instead occupied by a hostile unit, and the selected unit can attack, it will instead queue an attack command. Right-clicking with the shift-key held down queues the command after any other commands it may have. Otherwise the command queue is cleared first.

Right clicking anywhere with a vehicle plant selected moves or unsets its gathering point.

Once any construction commands have been issued, Terraformer construction commands can be batched quickly by alt+clicking at any desired construction location. This combination will re-enqueue the last construction command issued to any terraformer.

Idle Units

Players are encouraged to check for idle units by pressing the space key at the beginning of each round. The queue will iterate through all units currently considered idle.

GUI Buttons

Hexaverse is mostly controlled via its hexagonal button configuration. Some buttons may be disabled (semi-transparent), or perma-active (blue). There are four button areas, with different functionality.

Main Commands

The bottom left row of commands shows unit-independent commands. Left to right, the commands are:

  • End Round (shortcut: return): Requests the current round to end. You should press this button when you are done issuing commands to your units. Press the button again to undo the request (possible as long as at least one connected player has no yet requested a new round).
  • Auto End Round: Toggles automatic round ending if the game finds no idle units, no new hostile contacts, and no hostile activity during the last animation phase. Processed only if this state was detected at the beginning of the round.
  • Open Menu: Open the main game menu (also opens with the Escape key)
  • View: Group of commands that affect the visual game representation.
    • ClipTerrain (shortcut: ctrl): Toggles visual terrain clipping (see terrain for details).
    • Clip-View Down (shortcut: page down): Increases clipping depth.
    • Clip-View Up (shortcut: page up): Decreases clipping depth.
    • Hide Objects: Hides/shows all units on screen. Shadows are still rendered.
    • Show Resources: Toggles display of resources on screen.
    • Show Ranges: Displays all friendly attack ranges.
    • Show Hostile Ranges: Displays all hostile attack ranges.

Contact and Event Lists

Friendly and hostile contacts are grouped by type and displayed at the top edge of the screen. Continuously clicking on the same group will go through all members of that group. Important events are listed beneath, such as unit losses and attacks that occurred during the last animation phase.

General Commands

Commands that are always applicable, or applicable to most units, are located in the bottom right of the screen.

Left to right, the commands are:

  • Undo (shortcut: backspace): Drops the last task of the selected unit. Only applicable to active units.
  • Abort: Drops all tasks of the selected unit.
  • Sleep: Toggles sleep-state of the selected unit. Sleeping units are omitted in the Idle Queue.
  • Self Destruct: Destroys the selected unit.
  • Messages: Displays any waiting info messages.

Specific Unit Commands

Different visual command trees are available depending on the type and state of the selected unit. Rest the mouse cursor atop any command to view its hint-overlay. The currently expanded tree element is shown in blue outline.